August Transportation Task Force Meeting

Posted On 08/25/2016 by St. Pete Chamber

The August Transportation Task Force meeting opened with a review of the developing Bus Rapid Transit project, including routes and fares. Also discussed was the Flamingo app, which creates a single fare system for every mode of public transportation in the Tampa Bay area. Finally, the expansion of Uber’s integration into the bus system as a first/last mile option was mentioned.

The main part of the meeting, however, was dominated by discussion of the consolidation of Pinellas and Hillsborough County’s MPOs. City Council member Jim Kennedy, Executive Director of Forward Pinellas Whit Blanton, and County Commissioner Janet Long were all in attendance along with St. Petersburg’s business leaders.

The discourse revolved around both the nature and timing of such a merger, as well as the establishment of the new agency’s supervisory body. Pending clarification of new federal guidelines, 2020 seems a likely time for implementation; by then, various studies will have been completed. Consensus was that regional coordination and cooperation regarding transportation, land use, and economic development was both inevitable and desirable, and that a thoughtful and united initial effort would set the region in good stead for the future. Puget Sound, Denver, and the Twin Cities were held up as models of successful regional integration. Various extant entities will have to be consolidated or eliminated to facilitate efficient and effective coordination.

The meeting closed with an update on the Coast St. Pete bike share, including the completion of additional bike and pedestrian infrastructure downtown.

To read more about Tampa Bay’s regional integration on Whit Blanton’s blog, click here.

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